Unique in New York City: Madame X

Unique in New York City: Madame X

Madame X, a super sexy New York bar and lounge, is our choice to feature this week.  We love its sultry, flaming decor and it’s cushy couches and risque paintings.  If you’re looking for feelings of lust and nostalgia – be sure to visit this Manhattan lounge.  The upstairs, which includes an atrium overlooking a heated garden, is a fabulous place to rent for private parties.

decor of nyc bar madame x a bar that we recommend to go to in nyc

Madame X in 4 Words: Scarlet, Blushed, Lipstick, Heat.

Madame X has a playful cocktail menu with names like “Cherry Pop”, “Make Her Blush”, and the “Madame X”  (their signature drink). We love partying at Madame X, because after a few sips of your drink, Madame X’s Red Light decor melts into true exoticism.

madame x painting which inspired the nyc bar

The Namesake of Madame X

The bar is named after the portrait painted by John Singer Sargent titled Portrait of Madame X. It is a painting of Virginie Amelia Avego Guateru, an American model who was married to a French baker and became a well known Parisian socialite. Guateru’s white skin and dark hair was considered very exotic in French high society. This painting’s sultry vibe is replicated in Madame X’s bar and attitude.

creatively placed decor fills up the nyc bar and creates a complete experience

We recommend Madame X for the following types of patrons:

  • (1)Those who need a break from Sports’ bars.
  • (2) Those looking for a venue to host a warm and sexy event.
  • (3) Those looking for something to do post Accomplice.
evidence of the quirky, creative, an interesting quality of this manhattan bar

Sexy can be cuddly!

 Madame X

94 West Houston Street


Mon-Tues 6pm–2am

Wed-Fri, 6pm–4am
Sunday, 7pm-2am