How do I make sure all of my friends are in the same group?

Everyone that purchases into the same time slot is in the same group. Just make sure you all book the same slot.

How do I purchase a private group, so it’s just me and my friends

If you purchase all 10 tickets for a group, no one else will be with you. Just look for an available slot with 10 tickets and purchase them all.

I’d like to come with some other people but I’m not shelling out all this money for my deadbeat friends. Can we purchase separately?

Of course! Just have your deadbeat friends purchase for the same time slot and you’ll be together. Note to deadbeats: don’t put off buying your tickets or some Johnny-Take-Action will scoop ’em up and you’ll be left out.

I have more than 10 people who want to attend. What do I do?

The show can accommodate up to 15 per group. For purchases of 11-15 people, please call 212-242-1524 with your request. They’ll up the maximum amount of space and sell you the extra tickets. For more than 15, you can purchase two back to back groups.

Can I have a group larger than ten?

Sure! We max out the group at ten if you’re not all booking together, but if you have more than ten that would like to come, email us with the date, time, and total number of people and we’ll up the maximum spaces for that slot.

I don’t have ten people, but would like a private group. Is this possible?

Due to our very limited audience space, you must purchase all ten tickets for a time slot if you’d like to guarantee that you are not paired with others.

I’ve purchased a ticket. Why won’t you tell me where the starting point is?

Don’t ask so many questions.

How and when will I find out the actual starting point?

There’s a new invention called a “cellular phone.” We’re not saying it’s mandatory, but if you don’t have one of these “cellular phones,” you may be a little low tech for Accomplice: New York. Go get one and keep it on. A day or two before the show, you’ll receive a call with information on where to meet. This is when the show begins. You MUST therefore provide a valid phone number at which you’ll be reachable on the day before the show.

But I’m from Mars, and we don’t get cell service in New York City. Can I leave my hotel number?

You can leave a hotel number if you’re from Mars. We’ll hit you up there.

I’m nervous about buying a ticket and never hearing about the starting point. You’ll ruin my day. Why would you want to ruin my day?

Don’t worry so much! Of course you’ll find out the starting point. Trust us on this one – everyone knows the starting point in time.

Is Accomplice: New York appropriate for kids?

We recommend that 10-15 year olds be accompanied by parents. If your child is below the age of 10, do you really want them exposed to a life of crime at such an impressionable age? Having said that, if you have a child under the age of 10 that’s particularly sharp and can keep his or her mouth shut, bring ’em along. Just don’t be upset at the innocence lost.

Can I pay cash for a ticket on the day of the show?

Sorry, in order to experience Accomplice: New York properly all tickets must be purchased in advance.

I’m on parole. Will Accomplice: New York be a violation?

Not if you can keep your mouth shut.

I’m not very bright. Will Accomplice: New York be too difficult for me?

Not if you smarten up.

I’m very smart and fast and will win Accomplice: New York. What do I get?

Accomplice: New York is not a race. You’re a winner just for coming. Take your time and enjoy the ride. Don’t be so competitive.

What if it rains? I hate the rain.

As every hardened criminal knows, shady activities take place in light rain, and are rescheduled in the event of downpours. Accomplice: New York is no different. In the event of terrible weather, participants will be informed the morning of the performance and given the option to reschedule for any future date.

I’ve lived in NewYork City my whole life. Accomplice: New York sounds like it’s for tourists. I don’t do touristy stuff.

First of all, that’s not even a question. Secondly – Accomplice: New York is NOT just for tourists. You may have been to some of our spots before but never in this way.

I’m a tourist with a terrible sense of direction. This sounds like it’s for New Yorkers. Do I need extensive knowledge of New York?

Accomplice: New York is NOT just for New Yorkers. You will be provided with ample material to find your way around, and you’ll be able to do so without having to ask some snooty New Yorker for directions.

I can’t stand Scavenger Hunts/Interactive Theater/Walking Tours. How is this different?

Accomplice: New York is a luscious blend of all three, with all the good parts left intact and all of the bad parts sifted out.

I don’t like to learn. This sounds like I’ll be getting a history lesson.

Accomplice: New York will surprise you with New York City strangeness, but you won’t learn any historical information during your experience if we can help it.

I like to learn. Will I hear historical information about the Accomplice: New York sites?

No. If you constantly need to be learning, be sure to bring a book.

I understand that I’ll be walking a lot, but I’m very into my shoes and comfortable ones just don’t look sexy enough on me. Can I wear whatever kind of shoes I want?

Go ahead. You’ll be sorry.

I’m not much for all this exciting adventure entertainment, but I do like to eat and drink. If I come to Accomplice: New York, will I be full and drunk?

Not unless you eat and drink a ton beforehand. A few tastes of food and a few drinks are included, but it’s not Octoberfest. If you tend to get dizzy when hungry or are malnourished, you may want to grab a bite beforehand. Certainly eating the night before the performance is a good idea – don’t starve yourself with the hopes of filling up on steak and chops for a $65 ticket.

Are gift certificates available?

You bet. Gift certificates are redeemable for any show that has space available. You can find them HERE.

I have a really important question but can’t remember it right now.

No problem. Email us or call 347-559-6223 and we’ll try to figure out what it was you wanted to ask.

I would like to write an article on this unique adventure for my very influential and widely circulated magazine. How can I get in touch with you?

Please email us or call 347-559-6223 for all such inquiries.

Do I have to sign a waiver? Why?

All participants are required to sign a waiver, copies of which will be available to sign at the start of the show. Participants under 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian in advance of the show. Immediately upon purchasing tickets, a link will be provided to view and print the waiver. While there is nothing dangerous at all about Accomplice: New York, due to the uncontrollable elements of the city around us, all participants must sign. Waivers can be viewed and downloaded HERE. They will be available at the beginning of the show as well.

When will I see Accomplice: (My City)?

If you live in London, Boston, or San Francisco, perhaps soon. If you live in Peoria, don’t hold your breath.

I would like to see Accomplice: (My City) before you decide to get around to it. In fact, I’d like to license it. Do you have a licensing arrangement?

Why, yes, we do! Please email us if you’re interested in finding out how you can run Accomplice in your very own city. This means you, Peoria.